The company was founded in 2006 by overtaking another private entity with a long tradition.

In the last more than 30 years, not only construction structures have been solved, but also transporting machines, rail technology chassis, crane beams, conveyor frames, hydraulic presses, concrete mixing plants, lifting mechanisms, etc. .

DEFOR, TPS-10, ANSYS, ESA software systems have been used for the solutions, later SCIA Engineer.
Nowadays, the company employs a team of employees with several years of experience and offers all the activities necessary for the creation of a complete documentation of the construction:

  • overtaking the order and discussing all the details with the customer (also in English or German),
  • measuring current status,
  • determination of load according to the national standards appendices,
  • creating a model of construction,
  • calculation,
  • preparation of production documentation,
  • checking the final product.